Examples of SEO work

Online store of stands and posters

The main direction is the provision of clerical services.

  • SEO is the technical and internal optimization of a website for the requirements of the Google search engine.
  • Website promotion in search.

The products of this client are ordered by different categories of consumers. Commodity: school stands, advertising pillars, cards, wall stands and more.

The client initially contacted us for site audit and technical support. The site is implemented on the OpenCart engine with a large number of technical errors.

Client problem

Traffic from Google search has not changed much over the past year and was at a fairly low level for this topic.

Traffic before optimization

Traffic fluctuations ranged from 1950 visitors in September 2020 to (minimum value) to 4625 visitors in February (maximum value). It is worth noting that this particular niche is characterized by seasonality.


A comprehensive audit of the site was carried out during which the main technical problems of the site were identified.

Measures taken for basic optimization at the start of work:

  • strengthening work on external links;
  • site optimization for promoted queries;
  • prepared the terms of reference for the programmer;
  • completed the key tasks from the list for the programmer;
  • the semantic core was assembled taking into account priorities;
  • prepared and corrected meta tags for the main categories

We also prepared terms of reference for the content and wrote about 10 texts, with a total volume of more than 20,000 characters.

Based on the results of the analysis, we found that the client's website has a huge number of pages with redirects (redirects from one address to another). In technical terms, this led to the fact that search engines considered the site to be technically imperfect, therefore, they underestimated its positions for key queries.

It was decided to compile a complete list of such URLs, break them into groups of errors and fix them one by one. This gave an effect in the first months of promotion.

The start of work was in April, then according to the schedule of visitors, you can observe the dynamics of traffic development.

The graph shows that already in May there was a positive traffic dynamics in the amount of 4464 visitors. Further, the season reached a peak of 12,500 visitors in August, which was not the case in the entire history of the project before our work. Further, despite the decline in peak visits during the season, traffic did not fall below 5800 visits per month.

Thus, we increased the number of visits to the site from 4625 at the maximum value before SEO work to 12508 at the maximum value after work, as well as in the stabilization of the average off-season visits at +30%.

Also for the period from April to August 2021. this can be seen in numbers by the number of requests in the tops

As we can see from the graph above, after the work done, in just 5 months, we managed to increase the number of requests in the TOP 3 by +200%.

Final indicators by the number of key queries at the time of completion of the site (+300% TOP 3)


As a result of work on internal and external promotion, we received an increase in positions, traffic and orders.

The general traffic graph of the site is shown below, for a clearer comparison before and after the start of work:


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