Examples of SEO work

Galsi Medical Center website

The main direction is the provision of dental services.

  • SEO is the technical and internal optimization of a website for the requirements of the Google search engine.
  • Website promotion in search.

The services of this client are ordered by different categories of consumers. Main stream.

The client initially contacted us for site audit and technical support. The site is implemented on the WordPress engine.

Client problem

Traffic from Google search has not changed much over the past year and was at a fairly low level for this topic. Because of this, the desired number of customer records online did not occur.

Traffic before optimization

Traffic fluctuations were within 400 visitors from Google search in 2020. It is worth noting that the dental services niche is very highly competitive in any region.


A comprehensive audit of the site was carried out during which the main technical problems of the site were identified.

Measures taken for basic optimization at the start of work:

  • the semantic core was assembled taking into account priorities;
  • prepared terms of reference for the programmer;
  • completed key tasks from the list for the programmer;
  • site optimization for promoted queries;
  • prepared and corrected meta tags for the main categories.

Based on the results of the analysis, we found that the main problem on the client’s website was:

  • lack of relevant directives in the robots.txt file - this file contains direct priority commands for Google search robots. Correct configuration of such a file can only be done by an SEO specialist.
  • the absence of an automatically generated, correct sitemap.xml file that contains a list of those pages of the site that we want to promote.
  • the images on the site were not optimized, because of which they were too large, which led to an increase in download speed - one of the main ranking parameters in search results.
  • a “code cleanliness” check was also carried out. The main types of pages were checked by the service https://validator.w3.org/. The check showed the presence of critical errors on many types of pages, due to which, in fact, part of the pages could not be seen by search robots and included in the search.
  • lack of basic settings in the Google Search Console.

In technical terms, this led to the fact that search engines considered the site to be technically imperfect, therefore, they underestimated its positions for key queries, and also did not include many pages in the indexed list.

It was decided to carry out work to eliminate all the above technical shortcomings of the site. These were not the only technical errors on the site, but were identified by the SEO specialist as key ones. The effect of the optimization work was not long in coming.

The start of work was in November, then according to the schedule of visitors, you can observe the dynamics of traffic development.

The graph shows that already in the second month there was a positive traffic dynamics in the amount of 1117 visitors (+620 visitors in the second month of work). Starting from the second month of promotion and until the end of the work on the site, the traffic showed only positive dynamics and at the time of the last work it reached 12318 visitors from the search per month. More details on the following chart:

Thus, we increased the number of visits to the site from 400 visitors on average before SEO work to 12318 at the maximum value after work (the entire period of work was 15 months).

Also, over the period of work, this can be observed in numbers, an increase in the number of requests in the tops

As we can see from the chart above, after 15 months of work, we managed to increase the number of requests in the TOP 3 to 25 from zero, and the traffic and the number of orders on the site increased many times over.

During this time, a lot of work has been done on filling the site with content, improving usability, as well as developing the link mass of the site.


As a result of work on internal and external promotion, we received an increase in positions, traffic and orders.


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